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"Reading the newspaper about the long hours to wait at hospital emergency rooms, I had to write and tell you about my experiences at Physicians Immediate Care in St. Lucie West. In October I was unable to walk and in a lot of pain. I was seen, X-rayed, examined and out the door with crutches and a prescription for a pain relief in 90 minutes. I had a pulled hamstring that needed rest. The doctor said it could take up to 4 months to heal. Did my stretching exercises and in 4 months I was pain free.

In May I fell in my laundry room and broke a finger and tore off a fingernail. Again I was examined, X-rayed and treated quickly. My finger was put into a splint and I was given prescription for an antibiotic. When I returned two weeks later as order, the doctor was concerned about my lack of progress and referred me to a hand surgeon.

In all three instances I was seen quickly and treated compassionately and professionally. I tell my friends to use your services for routine injuries and leave the ER for life threatening situations. I am a very satisfied patient who received excellent care."


 "I was in a great deal of pain caused by a sciatic nerve when I went to your St. Lucie West office. Dr. Mary Anne McGinn initially ordered an x-ray of my lower back. She told me that I also needed an MRI and made an appointment for me at Radiology Imaging. The doctor who had been treating me prior to my visit to Physicians Immediate Care mentioned nothing about an MRI, and he told me that I would have problems with my sciatic nerve for the rest of my life.

After my visit to your office your staff called me to see how I was doing and adjusted my medication accordingly. Now I am able to spend more time on my feet.

I want to thank you, Dr. McGinn, and the staff for your immediate care and outstanding service."


 "My husband felt like he had trouble breathing. I said let’s take a ride to Urgent Care on Paar. From the time we arrived, my husband got the best care he could have been given. I just wanted you to know about your employees and how my husband was treated. I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs medical help."


 "My husband came in with a badly cut finger. When you saw he had cut the top off his finger, you suggested I go home to see if I could locate it. I found it in the disposal! Unbelievably, you were able to suture it back on. Today, you removed the sutures and it looks great! Thanks for being so helpful in a stressful time!"


 "My wife was suffering from a severe case of hives. She did not want to go to the Emergency Room for fear of waiting. My wife went to your facility reluctantly. However, that decision saved her life. While being treated she passed out. Her blood pressure had dropped to 70/40 and she was unresponsive. 911 was called and arrived in minutes. The emergency room physician said my wife had an allergic reaction. Your staff saved her life."

Captain Kirk

 "When I went to see you, I was in really bad shape. You and your assistant took excellent care of me and resolved my problem."


 "Thank you for finding my problem right away and for helping me find the right person at the hospital for my condition. I was able to get back on my feet quickly and finish my vacation like nothing had happened."


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